Weird Stuff on Amazon You Can Buy – Barn Owl Pellets

Weird Stuff on Amazon – Barn Owl Pellets

Weird Stuff on Amazon - Barn Owl PelletsThere has always been weird stuff on Amazon to buy – quite a lot in fact – but I was a little surprised to see Barn Owl pellets. “Pellets” of course, is a very nice way of saying “poop!”

Who, I wondered, apart from a scientist perhaps, would want to examine bird poop? Many more people than I imagined it seems! It turns out that Barn Owl pellets are extremely popular because they are used in classrooms in the US.

As the blurb says…  The concepts of natural history, ecology and predator/prey relationships may all be found in this mysterious fur ball.

It also appears that there are some slightly weird parents out there who like buying these as presents for their children. I know what my kid sister would have said back in the day if she’d got owl poop for Christmas! I’m not sure how I would have reacted, but a cry of anguish would probably have been involved! Owl poop instead of a train set?

Still… If you’re stuck for Christmas presents for your brood this year then why not show them how much you love them? Owl pellets all round!


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