Turn off YouTube Restricted Mode in the Echo Show

Watching YouTube on the Echo Show and How to Turn off YouTube Restricted Mode

I’m still finding my feet with this device and despite the fact it’s an Alexa enabled Echo it is in many ways very different to the devices I already have.

I must say that at first glance I think the Echo Show is going to be their new best seller. The addition of a video screen is going to make sales jump. No, it’s not 1080P but it is definitely passable for quality. You could watch Amazon videos and have reasonable quality and it’s perfect for YouTube!

I’m not a huge YouTube fan but I do occasionally indulge and therefore one of the first things I tried was a simple voice search. “Alexa, YouTube, Thin Lizzy.” And up they came! However, Alexa also announced that YouTube was in restricted mode.

It appears that by default the Echo Show comes with restricted YouTube access turned on. Instant YouTube access is a really neat option, so consequently restricted access just had to go!


To Turn off YouTube Restricted Mode:

  • Say “Alexa, go to settings” or swipe down from the top and hit “Settings.”
  • Look for “Restricted Access” and select it.
  • Look for “YouTube (Block Video or Set Restricted Access)” and select it.
  • The switch is blue and set to on. Touch the opposite side to turn it off.
  • You are then asked for your Amazon password. Enter it and hit “Done.”
  • YouTube restricted access is now turned off.
  • To return to the desktop you can say “Alexa, go home.” Or wait a short while and that’s what she will do anyway.

Et voila! You will now be able to watch YouTube videos without Amazon restrictions in place.


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