Vipertek VTS-979 51,000,000V Stun Gun

Vipertek Stun Gun Deal

Vipertek VTS-979 Stun GunThis is a really good Vipertek stun gun deal – albeit it’s an add-on item. The price, however, is so good that it’s worth finding the $25 necessary (if you’re a Prime member) to buy it. Remember that you don’t have to order $25 worth to buy it as it counts as part of the $25.

The model is the Vipertek VTS-979. It’s a 51,000,000 volt stun gun, it’s rechargeable and it comes with a safety disable pin. It’s black in color and comes with a recharging cord. It is also a passable LED flashlight and you never know when that might come in handy.

What having a safety disable pin means is that it comes with a small lanyard with a pin at the end. The pin plugs into the stun gun and you put your hand through the loop. If you are attacked while out and about and the assailant takes the weapon off you the pin will pull out. That renders the stun gun inoperative and it cannot be used against you.

Right now (June 30th, 2017) this item is $4.92 which, by the way, is the lowest price it’s ever been. I bought two!


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