Alexa Voice Deals

Alexa Voice Deals and Shopping

Alexa Voice Deals Echo ShowShopping using Alexa is still a bit daunting for most people but it’s worth making the effort. It definitely feels weird the first time, but it gets easier over time. As you order more items it will start to feel less strange.

The Alexa voice deals on offer are, as you might expect, for Prime members only. However, they can also only be accessed through an Alexa enabled device, which does not, at the time of writing, include cell phones with the Alexa app. Whether it will include the cell phone app in the future is anybody’s guess, but I think it’s a possibility.

Alexa voice shopping is available through the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Tap, Fire TV, or compatible Fire tablets.

The number of deals on offer varies quite considerably both in price and type. There will not always be something of interest there for everyone but it’s worth keeping an eye on because some of the past deals have been really good.

Each product discount is limited to one per customer and one per device.


How to Find Alexa Voice Deals

You can ask Alexa what her deals are simply by saying “Alexa, what are your deals?” She will then rattle off a selection pausing after each one to ask if you would like to order it. The price she quotes for an item includes any applicable taxes. If you say “yes” she will confirm that she has ordered it. Incidentally it will show in your “Orders” section online immediately.┬áIf you say “no” she will go onto the next item.

Not all Alexa voice deals will be listed by her though and she will usually refer you to the web page when she’s said her bit. If you do find something on her web page (click here to see it) you will still have to order it through your Alexa enabled device. It is, after all, voice shopping!




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