Join Us on Prime Day July 11th 2017

Live Event on Prime Day July 11th 2017

Amazon Prime Day July 11 2017Sharing Circle will be live blogging the best Amazon deals that we find this coming Prime Day. Don’t be shy – come and join us!

Prime Day is July 11th and we will be starting around 9 am ET and continuing throughout the day. This will be our first live event and we hope that you will help make it a success.

We use Amazon personally a lot! So whether it’s Prime Day, or Black Friday, or some other sale day, we are always on the lookout for real deals ourselves. This year we will be passing them on to you!

If you can’t join us on Sharing Circle then follow us on Twitter as we will be tweeting the very best deals through there as well.


Make sure you never miss out on one of the deals we’ve spotted!


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