CyberPower UPS Deal of the Day (CP1000AVRLCD)

CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD Intelligent LCD Series UPS 600W AVR Mini-Tower

CyberPower UPS Deal of the Day CP1000AVRLCD I have several CyberPower UPS units already including two of these CP1000AVRLCD’s. They are good all-round units and have protected my equipment many times since buying. If, like me, you live out in the boonies then power outages are a constant fact of life.

If you have computers or AV systems they are a must nowadays. We run our Internet businesses from home so we’re talking two high end PC’s as well as a couple of lower end ones.

In addition, we are both movie buffs and have two 50″ plasma TV’s and a quite expensive AV set up to go with them. Brownouts can play havoc with electronics.


CyberPower UPS Deal

Amazon has the CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD UPS as a Deal of the Day today. It is only $74.95 and it is not a deal to be missed. The last one of these I bought was $99 and that was a good deal itself at the time.

It is also the lowest price this item has ever been by quite a margin.

See It on Amazon – Click Here


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