Anytime Messaging App on the Way?

Amazon Rumor – Anytime Messaging App

Anytime messaging is a new, standalone messaging platform developed by Amazon. At least, so rumor has it! Rumor also has it, that it will work on MacOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. Amazon is obviously giving very serious thought to poaching other messaging apps’ users.

One of the more interesting claims is that with Anytime messaging you can contact anyone just by using their name. No phone number will be needed although how they get round people having the same name is, as yet, unclear.

In May, Amazon added messaging and calling to the Alexa apps repertoire and the Anytime app would be a logical extension to that.


What Will It Do?

Integration with social media (so you can pick up on any twitter “@mentions” etc.) is likely part of Amazon’s plan. Video/audio chat as well as text messaging is also on the cards and consequently should prove popular with individuals and groups alike. It may well be of particular interest to gamers.

Unlike many other messaging systems you would be able to order food or make dinner reservations via the app.

It is also intended to make it simple for people to share photos; they will also have various filters and stickers.


What Else?

One of the more interesting aspects rumored is that users will be able to encrypt messages. Whether encryption for all formats of communication is under consideration, or just text is not yet known. Voice encryption is a possibility but video encryption on the fly? That may be another thing entirely.

Of course, with Amazon nobody really knows what any of their devices will actually do until they are formally announced. With Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessages, and Skype already out there, it’s an uphill battle so there may well be other “shinies” as an enticement to switch that are as yet are unknown.

There is no official launch or availability date as yet, but when we have more information we will publish it.


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