Invisible Unicorn for Sale on Amazon!

You Too Can Buy an Invisible Unicorn!

An invisible unicorn! Is there anything that Amazon doesn’t sell? If you’re tempted to buy one for yourself it is currently in stock!

There’s no picture of course – it’s invisible so what would be the point? It’s not too expensive either; just a mere $4.99 plus $4.99 shipping at the time of writing. That is a real bargain!

It only gets a 2.5/5 star rating and reviews are somewhat mixed as you would perhaps expect from a score like that.

One reviewer claimed that the craftsmanship was truly amazing, five stars and a “must have.” As he or she pointed out; you would [usually] pay a premium for such a rare item especially one of such quality.

Another reviewer, however, claimed that it was an “absolute scam!” because once submitted for zoological examination it turned out to be a translucent donkey. Which, as everyone knows, is not a unicorn at all. Just one star for this purchaser!

There are, as you would expect, many funny reviews of such a strange listing. Well worth a few minutes reading!

It also makes me wonder just how much weird stuff on Amazon goes unnoticed the majority of the time.

See It (so to speak!) on Amazon – Click Here


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