OneDrive No Network Connection

OneDrive No Network Connection on a Kindle Fire

OneDrive No Network ConnectionI recently got a “No Network Connection” error when trying to install a second OneDrive account on our Kindle Fire HD10’s. Both are the latest 2017 generation tablets so it wasn’t like they were old and past it. It seems this “OneDrive No Network Connection” is a problem for many people.

I had the error on HD10’s but a little research showed that it was not a device dependent error. HD7’s and HD8’s were all reported as having similar issues. Just as an aside (as this blog is Amazon related)  it appears that it many Android devices suffered a similar fate.

There did not appear to be any guaranteed fix. A few people had success by uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it, but that did not work for me.


The Error Is an Absurdity

I actually consider this to be one of the most absurd errors I have come across. Why? Well let me explain!

Firstly, I installed an Office 365 business account without any issue. So why did it the tell me to f$%^ off when I tried to install a second?

Secondly, never at any time did I not have an active connection. I checked. Multiple times.

Thirdly, to add an account you have to firstly enter the email address associated with it. You can’t go past this first step without doing so. And guess what? OneDrive uses your network connection to actively check the email address exists.

The page changes and you get to enter your password. It now reports your network connection is non-existent. I mean… really? The same network connection that existed 30 seconds earlier is gone?



Who Is at Fault?

Now many people I saw bemoaning this error were blaming Amazon, which I’m sorry to say, is blatantly absurd. Amazon has nothing to do with this app or its development. The fault here lies fairly and squarely with Microsoft. It’s their app.

Amazon has no legal right to do anything with this app other than remove it from their store. So all those people who were claiming the app didn’t work because Amazon didn’t want people using Microsoft were talking out of their collective @sses.

I saw it reported several times in various threads that Microsoft were aware of the issue and even had a fix. They just hadn’t bothered to roll it out to anyone. Thanks Microsoft.

Whether a fix will be rolled out in the near future is anyone’s guess. The fault has been around for quite a while so… how long is a piece of string?


A Fix – but It’s Temporary

There is a fix for the OneDrive no network connection error, but it’s only a workaround and here’s what you need to do. Simply download the WPS Office app which is available in Amazon’s app store. Once installed take a look at the menu and find the “OneDrive” option.

Once you have found it you can enter your account details just the same as you would on OneDrive but funnily enough WPS knows your network connection works.

It’s not a great solution but at least you can access your files. This may also work for non-Fire Android users except they will need to get it from the Google PlayStore.

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