Get It Now With 5 Monthly Payments

New to Amazon – Get It Now With 5 Monthly Payments

I recently received an email from Amazon detailing a serious expansion of their “Monthly Payments: Get It Now, Pay Over Time” option. I have, on occasion, made use of this option in the past – particularly for Kindle Fire tablets but also on a few other items.

Whether an item has this option is very hit and miss once you get away from Fire tablets and suchlike. What is even weirder is there is sometimes a lack of consistency.

For example, my wife uses my Prime membership and was looking for a kitchen island. I did some research for her and found a good one for $300. When we looked at it on her PC she was being offered five monthly payments as an option but I (the Prime account holder) was not!


The Upside to This Scheme

You can now get this payment option on many more items than before. There is no interest or additional fees charged. Nor is there any requirement for a credit check. Obviously it applies to Amazon-sold items, but really is a win-win option provided what you are looking for is part of the scheme. See below for an explanation of that.

The only caveat is that if you are paying by debit card or credit card make sure that the card does not expire prior to all five payments being taken. It is a pain trying to sort it out as I discovered the first time I made that mistake. Despite the fact that Amazon may have other cards on file (they did for me) the payments will not automatically switch. You will need to contact customer support and get them to change the card. You can’t do it yourself.


The Downside to This Scheme

There are really only two points of contention. The first is that at present only PC related products are in the scheme. Laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, computer components, drives and storage, memory, networking and accessories are all there. So if you’re looking for those sort of things you may be in luck.

That brings me to the second drawback, which is simply that this scheme is aimed at the more expansive items. At present you are unlikely to find much, if anything, that costs less than $300.

Personally, I would like to see this scheme expanded to cover other electronics at least, if not site-wide. Cameras and lenses Amazon. Hint, hint.

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