Welcome to Sharing Circle!

Sharing Circle was a website I registered a good while back, but until now I hadn’t really done anything with it! Played around with a few ideas but nothing stuck.

I finally decided to do something with the domain, but what? And then I thought…

I buy a massive amount of stuff from Amazon and I am always looking for deals. How about doing something with Amazon? I live in the boonies and most of stuff I get from Amazon I simply can’t get within a hundred miles of me.

In addition I also have four of their Echo units, four Fire tablets, Fire TV, and two Fire Sticks. I am always hunting high and low to figure out how to make one or the other of them do what I want.

And so Sharing Circle was finally born!

Every time I spot a good deal I will share it via Twitter. And it will be a reasonable deal. I am signed up with a lot of websites and I get very tired of them sending me stuff every day trying to convince me it’s a “deal.” Well, usually it isn’t! Anything I tweet will be worthwhile.

Every time I manage to make something electronic behave itself I will share that too. Success or failure if it’s connected with something Amazon it will be here.